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Premium Steel Pressure Tips

Premium Steel Pressure Tips

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Maximize your detailing efficiency with our Premium Steel Pressure Tips, designed for optimal performance with your pressure washer. Tailored to enhance efficiency, these tips match your washer's GPM for perfect pressure, ensuring a thorough clean without waste. Made from durable 304 stainless steel, they're built for reliability and long-term use. Each tip is encased in soft-touch rubber to protect your vehicle's finish and provide comfortable handling. Leak-free and easy to connect, they make every detail job efficient and safe for your car.

Key Features:

  • Max Temperature: 60°C/140°F
  • Max Pressure: 5000 PSI/350 BAR
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 1/4" Quick Release Fitting

Nozzle Tips:

  • Red (40°): Gentle rinse, perfect for finishing touches.
  • Green (25°): Versatile for effective, balanced cleaning.
  • Blue (15°): Powerful spray for tough grime.

Compatible with FoamZilla, these tips support a seamless transition from foaming to rinsing, ensuring a spotless finish. They're essential for achieving a professional, showroom-quality look. Elevate your detailing with our premium set, combining quality materials and design for unmatched cleaning.

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