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RGYW Stainless-Steel Pressure Tips

RGYW Stainless-Steel Pressure Tips

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This Premium Steel Tip Set is precision-engineered for high-performance pressure washers, designed with versatility and durability in mind. Each tip in the set is color-coded for quick identification and optimal functionality:

  • Red (0°): Delivers a pinpoint, high-impact spray for stubborn stains and precise areas, making it ideal for tasks requiring intense pressure.
  • Yellow (15°): Offers a tight, powerful spray perfect for heavy-duty cleaning, stripping away tough grime and dirt with focused action.
  • Green (25°): The all-purpose tip, it balances spread and pressure for general cleaning tasks, providing thorough coverage with force.
  • White (40°): With the widest spray angle, it's designed for gentle rinsing and delicate surfaces, covering large areas with minimal impact.

At 1.7 inches wide and 2.9 inches in height, each tip is compact for ease of storage yet robust enough to handle a maximum pressure of 5000 PSI. The stainless steel construction ensures corrosion resistance and longevity, while the quick-release connection allows for fast switches between tasks, boosting efficiency and productivity.

This set stands as an essential tool for professional detailers and cleaning enthusiasts alike, ensuring every job from car detailing to patio cleaning is done to perfection.

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